Stockholm based record label, evolved from and working under the Styx banner. Styx förlag is a Stockholm based publishing house, founded in 2005 by artists CM Lundberg & Giuliano Medici, and reinforced early on by Olof Pettersson, PhD in Philosophy. Working in the essential silt of society since its conception, Styx aimed (in a casually intuitive and undetached way, like The Fool, LE MAT,0”, who, handling the bow in a state of half sleep, not-knowingly struck the most holy bird down with his arrow), and still aims, to avoid niches, to disintegrate the boundaries between different art practices, and to work upon, to serve as, and to become, a living bridge between the older and the younger generation of arts practioneers. An plasmatic amalgamation of printed matter, art exhibition, music concert, and open network performance. Some of the, in this context, older school artists and institutions worth mentioning, in respect of them issuing, by collaboration, a solid and sympathetic influence on the Styx movement since its inception, are: Sten Hanson, Fylkingen, Leif Elggren and his Firework Edition Records, Eva Kristina Olsson and the Stockholm Surrealist Group (since 1986, Mattias Forshage, John Andersson (5), etc), Harvey Cropper (USA). From the southern parts of Sweden, Christian Cavallin, Bo Cavefors and his Bo Cavefors Bokförlag. Other important artists: R.Boruta, Johannes Flink, Nanok, Alcamy & Austin Alexander Henriksen (USA), S. Saar, Emma Lundenmark, Lou Fallenius, Erik Lavesson. And many more.
PTROLEUM was initiated in 2011 as a joint venture between Styx förlag, Firework Edition Records, and Gallery Niklas Belenius, envisioned as a production/distribution company/label aspiring to establish an international modus operandi. However, the rocket fell apart before lift off, out of communicative inertia, bad (chemical) planning, an accumulated lack of momentum, and burnout, resulting in abandonement of the whole project. There was, however, one accomplished (the 1st) record release, the seed: PTR1001 Angel Modulations. And so, after 7 years of brooding, tuning the spokes, and grounding the contacts and switches, entering 2019 staggered the revival of PTROLEUM, operated by the Styx crew. This time, lay low, riverrun, body-music, sound collage, world experimental acid beats, house radio broadcast, techno musica viva, 93 ragazzi della coscia, not bound to the distinction between sound, phonogram and action.